Songs of the Heart´s Well
The Teacher’s Book

The Teacher’s Book is one of a series of 5 Books: The original German version: „Lieder aus der Quelle des Herzens – Das Liederbuch“ and its English translation: „Songs of the Heart’s Well – The Songbook, as well as two more versions with an arrangement for piano, wich are also being published in German and English: „Songs of the Heart’s Well – for voice and piano“ and: „Lieder aus der Quelle des Herzens – für Gesang und Klavier“

„The Teacher´s Book“ ordnet schließlich alle Lieder auf Englisch noch einmal mit altersspezifischen Empfehlungen der Lieder und ist meine besondere Empfehlung für Englischlehrer. Es enthält zusätzlich eine knappe didaktische Aufarbeitung bezüglich des Einsatzes im Englischunterricht:

…Opening a lesson with a song, means opening hearts to let the words weave their positive message into the hearts of our children…

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It sets a conscious start to the lesson in coming together by singing. Closing a lesson with a song is saying “Thank you” and it makes it a whole from the beginning to the end. In doing so, songs may help to give your lesson a reliable structure, and something the children look forward to.

Next to that, singing trains speech abilities with the greatest of ease, and children learn new words playfully and in their original context!

They practise their pronunciation, and children with a low self confidence in their own language abilities are being carried by the chorus. Such, every child in class gets a chance to speak, respectively to sing, by singing many sentences in a row. Each child perceives his/her own voice within the chorus. This strengthens the courage to speak and express oneself within the foreign language!….

I have noticed an immense increase of speech abilities in the classes I sing English songs with. Every time I introduce a new song, I make it a listening comprehension.
Let these songs accompany you in class, on celebrations and fairs, on special events and in everyday life and around the year in our seasonal fairs!
All the songs have the character of a mantrum, which means, they can be repeated many times. They are easy to play and sing and are being picked up instantly.
I have originally accompanied these songs by guitar. However, please feel inspired to accompany them with various instruments, such as drums or rattles and create your own version of it!


Zusätzliche Information

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21cm x 30cm (DINA4)


37 Pages, 11 of which are colored ones for the angel's seals, first published in 2014
37 Seiten, davon 11 in Farbe für die Engelsiegel®, Erstveröffentlichung: 2014

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