Songs of the Heart’s Well
The Songbook

This volume completes the total of all songs in English. However, they are not a mere translation of the German original. I would rather say, they are written anew being inspired by the German ones and the unique spirit of the English language. Many of the songs in this book came about in direct exchange with the angels. Other songs were written for a specific group of recipients such as my English pupils at school, who always sang these songs with great enthusiasm.

20 Song titles: 1. Oh, Great Mother, ancient Mother Earth; 2. Flower of Heart; 3. I give you my Thanks; 4. I´m living and loving, 5. I am protected; 6. Have you got a Glance of all your Colours?; 7. Father Sky, Mother Earth; 8. I walk my Way; 9. Mother, I feel you; 10. Every Day; 11. Mother Earth; 12. Bliss within me; 13. Silence within; 14 When Life begins to blossom out; 15. Mother Earth, I thank you; 16. Care for the Morning;17. Life goes in a spiral Way; 18. To be Human; 19. Midsummer Night; 20. In Love and in Light

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Out of the preface of this book:

Dear singers, with gratefulness and joy I pass these songs on to you! Singing a song means opening hearts and allowing the words to weave their positive message into our hearts of humans and other beings of nature surrounding us…. It means joining up and coming together, saying thank you and expressing one’s own soul. In songs you may ask for things, for a blessing, for strength and freedom, for love and light. Singing to me is an essence of being. It is also healing for ourselves and for Mother Earth. When a group of people sings together, you enhance the vibration of the song and widen it to spread its radiance and healing influence over the world. This works, because everything is vibration! Such, the vibration which we create in singing will leave its imprint in the vibration of our surrounding and find its resonance in a wider sphere! Also in singing, all singers get in tune and experience something of the all-one-being, which is a feeling, which our materialistic world has almost entirely taken from us. When I, by the age of 45, finally found my way into a group of singers who meet regularly to sing songs of meditation, mantras, songs of healing, thanks and prayer, it was like coming home. The endless rounds of singing together let me enter a realm of all times and spheres, of joy and love, of lightness and gratefulness. That’s it, what I would like to express and pass on with these songs.  All the songs have the character of a mantrum, which means: they can be repeated many times and find their own rhythm in repetition. In doing so, you as a singer or a group of singers, will create a vibration field and establish a realm of heart. I have originally accompanied these songs by guitar. They are easy to play and sing and are being picked up instantly. Most of the songs are also suitable to sing as plain vocal. Please feel inspired to accompany them with various instruments, such as drums or rattles and create your own version of it!…

Ines Siri Trost

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