The Archangels –
Our Way Together,
Ways of direct Exchange

through their Angels´Seals,
their Mantrams,
Messages and Revelations

Right now there is a mighty transformation of light taking place. Our world is being reshaped. Every realm of being is undergoing this transformation. On the one hand, it is the quality of light which is changing; on the other hand it is our work with the light as such which changes the light’s impact. The cosmic light streaming down to us in these days is currently changing its vibration and frequency. Accordingly our own radiance, vibration and frequencies have to change and fall in tune with it, in order to receive it and make use of it in a positive life supporting way. Therefore all angels speak about the divine light and the divine love which has its mightiest gate into the earthly realm through human´s hearts.


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Creating a realm of heart is making the earth a ›Sun-Star‹. Our human heart is a sun and a cosmos. This sun’s radiance is love and light, which stream forth into our deeds and into all our days’ work. Such our own light mingling with the divine light will unfold its force of transformation and creation.
All the Archangels call themselves “Gate Angels”. They are gates into our new life and lives, our new earth, our new communities… They will guide us step by step. This book is a precious gift of them to us full of tools, exercises, prayers, mantrams, messages, revelations and visions.
You are invited into the circle of practitioners and visionaries, of human creators within the divine evolution unfolding in its so unique and miraculous way here on earth!


As a painter, I have learned to perceive fields of vibration of beings and places and to make them visible in colour and form. The paintings which arise from that, give a visual imprint in the material of my communication with the spiritual. They show moments of non material processes and of energy fields and realms. Painting to me is meditation, is prayer and giving my thanks to creation. It is all about building up means of communication to the spiritual world.“ (I.S. Trost)
Ines Siri Trost was born in Berlin in 1967. Today she lives in Wetter/Ruhr as a freelancing woman artist, author and teacher.
Places of study where the academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, and various other Art Colleges in London and in Switzerland.
Many of her paintings found their way into public and private Art collections.

Ines Siri Trost

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Released 07.12.2021, 272 Pages, Hardcover

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